Kyle Millwood

  • Gun:  Krieghoff K-80 Sporter
  • Chokes:  Extreme Chokes
  • Stock:  Greenwood
  • Ammunition:  Bornaghi Star 1300 7.5
  • Glasses:  Pilla Panthers
  • Favorite Lens:  22N, 10ED, 44N
  • Earplugs:  Molded silicone sent to lab for quality
  • Shooting Vest:  Shoot The Moon
  • Shooting Bag:  Back Pack
  • Pants:  Under Armor Golf
  • Shirt:  Dupont t-shirt or polo
  • Shoes:  Asics
  • Gun Oil:  QMAXX Blue
  • Gun Slip:  Dupont felt lined
  • Transportation on course: John Deere Gator
  • What vehicle do you drive?  Chevy 2500 Duramax

Author: Behind The Break

Behind The Break has grown into one of the largest sporting clay resources and has become a complete game changer in the sport for people learning as well as businesses wanting to advertise. The podcast has reached over 80 countries with approximately 125,000 unique downloads and a social media platform that reaches upwards of 40,000 people a week.

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