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Behind The Break was an idea that Justin Barker had in the spring of 2018. He called Kevin DeMichiel and Alex Clark and asked their thoughts. None of them knowing really what a podcast was or how to start one, Justin started to research the idea. Once a few microphones were purchased that plugged into the computer, they started to record the first episode. There was a lot of good feedback about the idea, but the first episode was far from any good. It was 3 guys sitting around a desk and talking which lasted about 15 minutes.

After the first few episodes were recorded, the listener base grew astronomically. They started to get guests on the phone, interviews with shooters over seas and some to come in and record episodes. This idea caught on and people were really starting to enjoy the episodes and what they could learn by listening to the best in the world talk about their aspects of the game.

Behind The Break has now grown into one of the largest sporting clay resources and has become a complete game changer in the sport. The podcast has reached over 90 countries with approximately 300,000 unique downloads and a social media / website platform that reaches upwards of 40,000 people a week.