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Aug 30, 2019

It has been nearly a year since we had Joe on the podcast and his shooting performance is unbelievable.  After a R/U at the 2019 World English Sporting Clay Championship, we had to find out just what it is that he is doing differently.  He has his mental game, his physical game and his personal life dialed in and going...

Aug 24, 2019

Gregg Wolf started shooting at the age of 9 and progressed to the very first American World Champion in 2004 as well as the youngest ever to win a World Championship.  Gregg and his family own a Ford Dealership in Minnesota in which he operates and loves to hunt and fish in his free time.  We had a casual conversation...

Aug 16, 2019

The 2019 World English Sporting Championship is over and Cory Kruse brings home the title to Texas.  Cory has been on fire all season and it shows at Northbrook Sports Club in Illinois.  This episode is a conversation with Cory on what his thoughts were on the targets, the shoot, and the win

Aug 5, 2019

If you follow us on Facebook and Instagram, you know why we named this "The Lost Episode".  We are thankful that we were able to save this podcast with Heyward because there is a lot of facts about Promatic and how they make such a hard job look so easy.

Heyward Cunningham, Vice President of Promatic Inc, leads the USA...