Chad Roberts to Blaser USA

We would like to congratulate Chad Roberts for his new sponsorship with Blaser USA. This is Chad’s post on Facebook.

Well the day has come and I would like to share some RAD news with you all. Over the last few weeks an unbelievable opportunity was presented to me…

I have officially signed with Blaser USA. I am still pinching myself and after doing some research completely blown away to be part of a Team that so many AWESOME shots have been part of over the years to now being part of a team of some of the best shooters within the Shotgun Sports Industry. Extremely humbled is an understatement but also super stoked because I get to be teammates with some of the coolest people I know who I also consider to be my friends… Cory Kruse, Bill McGuire, Mike Wilgus, Janet Tausch McDougall and Brian Hughes to name a few. These shooters I have always looked up to since I got into this sport.

Thank you Janet Tausch McDougall and Christian Socher for even talking to me about this opportunity and believing in me.

To represent such an awesome company like Blaser is just mind blowing… Seriously… it blows my mind.

Thank you for the support Blaser and I cannot wait to start this next journey with you guys!!!!

A big shout out to the folks at Behind the Break, Justin Barker, Kevin DeMichiel and Alex Clark. I cannot thank them enough for the opportunity they gave someone of my caliber without all the accolades and titles to come on their show and let me be part of their podcast. That podcast helped me in more ways than I can ever imagine. Behind the Break is the REAL deal!

That podcast brought on a opportunity for me to represent Blaser USA. The talent that exists currently on that team is absolutely unbelievable and to be considered as part of that team is extremely humbling. Blessed is an understatement.

I honestly can say that without that podcast this opportunity may have happened but taken a lot longer. Thanks again guys for letting me be on there!