David Radulovich

  • Gun:  Perazzi High Tech Sporting – check my website for more information
  • Ammunition:  Gamebore Black Gold Dark Storm cause it’s sicknasty
  • Glasses:  Pilla Outlaw X6 – 32MXB or 18CED at night because I like welding goggles
  • Vest:  Any Castellani vest from Ultimate Shooting Accessories (Tom Lotus) there’s really nothing that even compares
  • Shooting Bag:  Perazzi USA shooting bag cause it was free and had so many compartments I always forget where I put what I need and it keeps me occupied trying to find it when I’m on the course
  • Clothing:  Anything you’d wear on the PGA tour, always long pants and a collar, it’s professional and isn’t too hot, also they all stretch so it doesn’t restrict movement. I also only try to wear grays, blacks, or reds and Sunday is always all black
  • Shoes:  LeBron 15s color matched to my outfit for the day cause he’s the man and I need that GOAT mojo ?
  • Oil:  literally only QMAXX, nothing else (not a sponsorship they’re just the best)
  • Gun Slip:  Perazzi USA slip (all about that free swag) or Birdstrap custom leather slip when I want to be fancy
  • Vehicle On Course:  CanAm Commander 1000 because nobody else drives one and I don’t like to blend in haha plus it has a mean exhaust note
  • Vehicle Off Course:  RAM 2500 Diesel blacked out with a matching trailer because it looks mean
  • Vehicle at Home:  Dodge Challenger blacked out without badges because, again, it looks mean and I like people not knowing what I have under the hood so they’ll race me, on non public roads of course ?

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