Gebben Miles Takes off 2019 Shooting Season

We saw this morning on Facebook that Gebben Miles, which is one of the best in the sport, has decided to take off the rest of the 2019 season.  We have had Gebben join us on our podcast in episode #11 and think very highly of him as a person, a shooter and a friend.  We wish him luck in his travels to Australia and we look forward to him coming back in 2020 better and stronger than ever.

This is what Gebben wrote on his facebook page today:

I’ve officially ended my 2019 shooting season ? Zero tournaments but lots of practice thus far. Recently I declined my position on Team USA FITASC and Sporting for the first time in 19 years.

God has given me the success I’ve experienced in clay shooting and other facets of life. He is the reason I’ve been able to accomplish all that I’ve accomplished and I’m going to trust Him when He leads me to do something.

Here’s to a massive leap of faith ??

Inspired by my sister and brother-in-law, I’ve decided to spend the next 10 months focusing on my growth as a man and take an opportunity to attend the Hillsong College Pastoral Leadership Program in Sydney Australia. I need to work on my character. I need to work on my communication. I need to learn how to move in the power of God’s Spirit. I need to learn how to serve my neighbor and serve humanity better than I’m currently doing. Building these traits and becoming more like Jesus is the most important thing I can do this next year. I don’t want to leave this earth and know I could have done more to do God’s will on earth as it is in heaven. My plan is to come back to the shooting community in full force in 2020, but I’m willing to go where God leads me and do what He prompts me to do. I will come back with focus and commitment but also with a greater sense of love and service. I need to let God work on my soul. Being a world champion at shooting is great. But, being a world champion at sharing God’s love is greater. I believe attending the Hillsong College Pastoral Leadership program will help me to become a better man, a better leader, a better teacher, a better coach and a better shooter! Believing that I’ll be stepping in to 2020 with 20/20 Kingdom Vision!!!

When I have time, to stay connected with the shooting community and to support my college and living expenses I will be continuing online coaching, selling my instructional videos, managing bookings at the Gebben Miles Shooting Academy, and consulting for my sponsors. If you’d like to support me this year in any other ways I would be grateful.