Jim Greenwood at Fennell Shooting School

Jim Greenwood with Greenwood Custom Stocks is in South Carolina at Fennell Shooting School for 10 days fitting pattern stocks to customers from all across America.  People travel from everywhere just to get the expertise that Jim has to offer in gun fitting and custom stock work.  You will not find anyone more passionate about their job as Jim Greenwood is about his.

While traveling, Greenwood Stocks becomes mobile in an outfitted enclosed trailer with every tool needed to fix and build stocks as well as accommodate customers while their pattern is being built.  One on one interaction with Jim during this process is just one of the things that makes this experience worth the time, money and effort to make an appointment.

During the process, Jim will have you hold, mount and feel the stock as he works the solid piece of walnut down to fit perfect. You will shoot the pattern stock on your gun and adjustments, if needed, will be made to your liking.  Once your stock is finished, Jim will seal the wood with lacquer and you can take it home with you that day.

Felt recoil will or should be minimized, palm swell and grip are shaped to fit your hand, LOP, cast and pitch are addressed as well to make sure the gun fits and points where you are looking.

Greenwood, will leave Fennell Shooting School and make his way to Cross Creek Clays in Palmyra Tennessee on his way back to Kansas.  If you would like to meet with Jim before he leaves, please contact him through his website.