Katie Fox

Gun: Krieghoff Parcours with 15/15 fixed chokes
Ammo: Bornaghi Golds 1 oz, 1350 FPS from Able’s.
Glasses: RE Ranger Falcon Pro
Earplugs: Custom Molds
Shooting Vest: Laporte Vest made by Castellani
Shooting Bag: USA Sporting Clays Team backpack. Easier to carry when you’re walking!
Pants: Jeans. Everyday!
Shirt: Sponsor shirts- Krieghoff, Laporte, RE Ranger, or Able’s
Shoes: Nike’s in good weather or Dubary in the rain
Gun Oil: Don’t ask me about gun Maintenance. I break everything but the guys at Krieghoff have kept my parcours in one piece!
Gun Slip: Able’s
Transportation on course: Usually a rental cart
What vehicle do you drive? Ford F-450

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