The Race to 1500

Reviews and subscribes are very important to the success of a podcast.  They will help you get discovered by people that may not have found your podcast before.  Our goal from day one has been to grow sporting clays and this is a great way for people to get introduced to it.  We want all of the reviews and subscribes we can get and we are about to show you how important they are to us.

We are going to run a contest that has no end. Once we reach 1500 reviews on our podcast through iTunes ONLY and you subscribe, we are going to give away one of the following and the winner can choose.

  • $1200 of Gamebore Ammunition (As long as you are of age and your state laws allow)
  • Promatic Kestrel Trap
  • Greenwood Pattern Stock
  • $600 to Ultimate Shooting Accessories and $600 Cash.

You do not have to buy a raffle ticket, enter a shoot, find a lucky target or hunt Gamebore boxes in trees.  Just simply leave a review and subscribe through iTunes.

This will not cover shipping on these products or travel to get you where you need to go to pick it up.