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Jul 31, 2018

My father held a deep passion for any activity that a gun was involved. Naturally, from a very young age I shared these very same interests and began shooting along-side my father whenever we had free time on the farm. My father realized that I held some natural talent in the clay shooting sports and began to look for a way to further my shooting.

He contacted Wendell Cherry to inquire about shooting lessons for myself. I began taking lessons from Wendell when I was 8 years old and molded a very special relationship that has lasted to this day. This friendship Wendell and I shared has helped me tremendously over the years along with his continual desire to enhance my shooting. However, throughout this time in my shooting career of taking lessons from Wendell, I would shoot just about every day at the practice field with my father as we both worked on our shooting game. Often during this period of time I would travel around to local tournaments with my father and shoot just about every weekend. This lasted about 5 or 6 years until 2013 when I began to travel to the regional tournaments with my father and compete all over the country.

I was very fortunate and had much success early on in my career. I have been fortunate enough to earn positions on Team USA and win several events throughout these past years. I continue to travel all over the country with my father and compete in tournaments all over the world. I would have to give a lot of the credit to Wendell, and most certainly my father and mother for being in the position I am in my shooting career. I hope this provides some interesting information about myself that allows you to better understand who I am as a shooter and person.