Top 20 Under 20 for 2018

This is our list of the top 20 sporting clay shooters for 2018 that are under the age of 20 in the USA.  We have based this on extensive research and performance of all of the shooters.  Everyone listed are very talented shooters and we look forward to more eye opening performances from each of them in the 2019 season.  Practice hard and stay focused, you could quite possibly be on this list next year!

Congratulations to each of them!

  1. Tom Seay
  2. Dominic Gross
  3. Brice Grantham
  4. Joe Fanizzi
  5. Jared Greenwood
  6. Dalton Oliver
  7. Annabelle Ayres
  8. Jonathan Goedrich
  9. Dalton Kirchhoefer
  10. Jasper Copelan
  11. Peyton Meyer
  12. Brock Allen
  13. Clayton Cutshall
  14. Nolan Marcus
  15. Haylyn Hanks
  16. Ryan Harper
  17. Todd Hitch
  18. Blake Bajjali
  19. Cooper Gerecke
  20. Cade Faetche

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