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Behind The Break was the first clay target podcast ever produced with hosts Justin Barker, Kevin DeMichiel, and Alex Clark. This trio changed the way the sport was promoted, advertised, and brought into the homes of families across the world. The show released episodes with the very best shotgun shooters on earth, their techniques, styles, thinking, practice regimens and so much more to listeners from over 100 countries. Behind The Break ended in late 2020 and most of the episodes cannot be reproduced or replicated with as much information that is included in this program. They decided to share all of these episodes with you.

This will be the only place that you will be able to listen to these episodes.  They will not be available on any podcatchers or apps.

Dec 26, 2018

This is a continuation of the Will Fennell and David Radulovich interview.  This is part 2 and our guests get deeper into the shooting style, techniques, untold stories, shooting abroad and a lot more.

Did you miss Part One?  Follow the link to listen.  Also, you can listen to Will's first podcast with us by going

Dec 19, 2018

Pat Lieske grew up in Davison, Michigan, a small town just east of Flint. As a youngster, he loved to fish and hunt with his parents and two brothers. Lieske got his first taste of clay target shooting as a teenager, when he attended a hunter's safety class at Williams Gun Sight in Davison. Returning to the clubhouse...

Dec 15, 2018

David Radulovich was traveling down to Florida to coach until the holidays and Will Fennell asked him to stop by for a few days to see him and his facility.  After arriving, the weather changed and had David iced in for a few days and this series of podcasts was created.

Throughout this series, you will get into the...