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Nov 7, 2018

Bill was born in Richmond, Indiana to a working-class family; his father worked in the Easton Gear Factory and was a church minister. His mother worked at the Richmond Baking Company and raised Bill, his three sisters and brother. At age 8, Bill started hunting and trapping with his father, where he developed his love for shooting and the outdoors. In fact, he still has the first .410 Western Field Side by Side that his father gave him.

In 1989 Bill started a masonry company and worked as a brick mason for thirteen years. In 1996, while bricking a house, one of the carpenters asked if he had ever shot clay targets and if he would be interested in attending a local event. When the weekend rolled around, they went out and shot a round and he was hooked. Bill started shooting local tournaments then branched out to a few bigger events, and then in 2000 became a full-time shooter and instructor.

Shooting a 32" Blaser F3 with Comp-n-Chokes and Clever ammunition, Bill continues to remain at the top of the field year after year.