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Mar 20, 2019

Shooting, whether it be sporting clays, skeet, trap, or birds, comes naturally to Gil who has been shooting for over 44 years. An avid hunter and fisherman since early childhood, Gil demonstrates an unparalleled passion for shooting, and the psychology behind it.   He has won numerous titles in both skeet and sporting clay competitions and has taught professionally since 1984. He was also an instructor for the Holland & Holland Shooting School of England and has studied with many great shooters and instructors. He has been featured on ESPN, TNN and hosted a regular spot on the television show “Pull–America’s Great Gun Clubs” on the Outdoor Life cable channel. Known worldwide, Gil has six shooting videos currently sold in the United States and two sold in England and Australia.   His quick eye has served him well both on the range and behind the camera. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business and photography and had a professional photography studio for 23 years, serving clients such as Exxon, Dow Chemical, Dupont, Honeywell and Compaq Computers to name a few.   Gil displays a contagious passion for shooting and uses a “no-bull” approach to get to the essence of his students’ shooting problems and solutions. His ability to communicate with visual simplicity, as well as his sense of humor and general love of people are what make him “quite a character” and a terrific model for his students. In 1989, Gil encountered a shoulder injury that restricted his shooting for two years. His passion for the game drove him to discover his real passion which was teaching others not only how to become better shots but better people as well. Although his shoulder is not 100%, if he is not teaching or fishing you will likely find him shooting clays or birds somewhere around the world.