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Oct 13, 2019

Todd is 16years old, a junior in High School and lives in Maryville, TN which is in east TN about 30minutes south of Knoxville and about 45 minutes north of where Bill McGuire lives.  Todd is Homeschooled which is a co-op set up so he has classes with other kids and they probably have as many options for clubs, teams & activities as a traditional school does. Shooting is a great motivator for Todd - if he doesn't have his homework done, he doesn't get to go to the shoot.

In 2015 Todd started shooting a shotgun at 12 years old when he joined the William Blount SCTP team after a hunting buddy told Todd about SCTP. Until then he had no idea that SCTP and NSCA existed and had never even seen someone shoot a clay target. Coincidentally, their SCTP team practices at the same place where Bill McGuire got started.  Todd's great-grandfather (Papa) got him started in hunting and was certainly Todd's biggest fan.  The two of them went deer and turkey hunting every chance they got.  When we had Papa's funeral service last year at our farm Todd's great-grandmother asked Todd put on small shooting display because nothing would have made Papa happier.

April 2017 Gamaliel - 1st NSCA event ever.  Todd thought he was big stuff because the weekend before he had shot his first 100 straight in sporting clays at a charity shoot.  He signed up for the NSCA and as an E class shooter at his first NSCA event we put in for ALL options including HOA (even though Rhonda Barfield was kindly discouraging us because people like Wendell Cherry, Bill McGuire and Tom Seay were there).

Moving on to 2018, Todd won the SCTP Nationals Sporting Clays with a 198/200 and in July punched into Master Class.

Now in 2019, Todd ended up in 7th place in the World English at Northbrook after the super final.  What's funny is that he didn't even know there was such a thing as a super final until Sunday morning.  He about missed the super final not realizing they were going to take the top 6 scores instead of top 6 shooters.

Todd won the NE Regional Sporting Clays at the Cardinal Center in 2019, finished 9th in the SE Regional and is headed out to Texas to make big things happen at Nationals.