Zach Kienbaum

  • Gun:  DT11 32” Sporter with Greenwood Stock
  • Ammo:  Bornaghi Gold 32gr 1250fps 8’s & 7.5’s / 28gr 1350fps for FITASC 8’s & 7.25’s
  • Glasses:  Pilla Outlaw X6
  • Favorite Lens:  18CED
  • Ear Plugs:  Wild Ear Tactical Series
  • Shooting Vest:  Castellani Rio custom by Ultimate Shooting Accessories
  • Shooting Bag:  Filson Ballistic Duffle Pack
  • Shoes:  Altra Superior/Le Chameau Boots/Lacrosse Boots
  • Gun Oil:  QMAXX for cleaning / Royal Purple Synthetic for Lubrication
  • Gun Slip:  Filson
  • Transportation:  Polaris Ranger Crew
  • Vehicle:  Ford Super Duty & Excursion

Author: Behind The Break

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